Saturday, August 23, 2003

Just When You Think It Is Over

You can say whatever you want about Mark Prior being on Fire right now, but Carlos Zambrano is the Cub savior. After Wood gets shelled against the Astros the Cubs faced another must win. They had a chance to pull within a .5 game again as the Astros and Cardinals lost. Everything seemed to be against them. Schilling was on the mound coming off one of his best games of the season. Well, throw it all out. Carlos comes in and slams the door. If it were not for a bad call he could have walked away with a No-No. His stuff was great all night. You could tell in the 9th he was upset with the call, but he got the job down in under 100 pitches.

Sammy Sosa came alive with two HR's last night and Aramis hit another HR. 4-1 is nice and now we look to Estes. He has not pitched well lately and was skipped in the rotation last week. If we win tonight and take the series, this would be huge as the Cubs head to St. Louis on Tuesday.

A win would also match the win total of last season. Batista goes today for the D-Backs. I thought we might be done after the Wood loss, but Carlos has giving me hope.