Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Please Call The Doctor

The word around town is that Cub Blog Army could all be need of medical help before the end of the year.

Over at and another thing! by Al Yellon he has some first hand acounts of the games. Scott Lange from Northside Lounge sat with Al for the past couple of games. After all this I am ready to head to Chicago. So I am working out a trip as we speak.

Today's game was the best thing I have seen in years. I will admit I said "Game Over" after the Drew Grand Slam. Right now we are .5 behing the Astros and Cardinals, but the Astros are up 4-2 as I write this. I have been talking to Mike from the Cubs Pundit. Be sure you are checking it out. Also for good game banter go over to the Cub Reporter for all your game day chat needs.

More thoughts after tomorrows game.