Thursday, January 01, 2004

Welcome to the Year of the Cubs?

Could this finally be the year that the Chicago Cubs win it all? Who knows, but at least we should compete for the title again. I guess that this year would be as good as any other to win it all.

Not much news to report, but with a little more than a month before pitchers and catchers report I think the Cubs have one major move left that has not been made. Now the key is what is that move? I am not sure if it will come in the form of hitting, starting pitching or even more bullpen help. So far Jim Hendry has done a good job of making some changes. There is one more move out there that will make the Cubs that much better.

Well, Happy New Year. Updates will come when I can. My Alabama Crimson Tide are off to an 8-2 start in basketball and if you watch much college basketball, then you can look for me on TV at U of A homegames. I sit on the front row, so look out. If any readers here are at SEC schools then give me a shout, because I will be visiting your school pretty soon.