Friday, April 23, 2004

Long Long Week, But it is Almost Over

I am sorry for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. I have been really busy trying to Graduate College, which it looks like it will happen now that I turned in my last paper. I have only two weeks left, then I will try to get a job as a journalist.

To the Cubs:

-Todd Walker must play even when Grudzielanek gets back.

-Will Moises Alou ever stop hitting?

-Sammy needs to get in a groove, well speaking of grooves, it looks like Lee is starting to find his.

-Maddux got on track today. I was never worried, nobody can be as bad as Estes.

-Borowski looked much better throwing strikes, but he is topping out around 88 MPH.

-We need to lock Farnsworth up, because he is really turning the corner.

-Can Aramis keep up the glove work? I would like to see less throws to second.

-Overall I am happy with the first couple of weeks. Biggest Shock-Michael Barrett.

Well, that is it for right now. I hope to look inside numbers later.