Friday, March 05, 2004

Where are we Going?

I am sorry for the lack of quality posts over the past few weeks, but if you follow college basketball you know why. I am the president of Mark's Madness, which is a student basketball fan club for the Alabama Crimson Tide and Coach Mark Gottfried. If you watch much TV of the Alabama Home games I sit on the front row with my Cubs hat every game. Well, this time of the is my favorite because of spring training and March Madness. College Basketball has always been a close second for me to baseball. I probably will not write much unless any news comes across until the end of March.

The Crimson Tide are 16-10 now and look to be invited to the Dance, so that means I hit the road this month. I could be in Seattle, Denver, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Orlando, Kansas City, Raleigh, or Columbus OH. If you live in one of these towns give me a shout. The Tournament is announced next Sunday, so I will know more then. Also if you have your favorite tournament story leave it in the comments sections or email it and then I will post some pre-tournament stories before it starts.

Over the next two weeks I will talk a lot of college basketball, but it should be fun.