Thursday, February 19, 2004

Off to Tobaccco Road

I have been working on a new look for the site, but I have been unable to decide what I like. I really want to change it, because it is looking too plain. A lof of the Cub Blog Army are coming up with these great looking sites such as The Cub Reporter, Cub Fan Nation, Clark and Addison, and the Cub Pundit to name a few. Sorry about the non links above, but i am trying to right this during my Journalism 499 class (which by the way is the worst class I have taken in college). Tell how does Journalism have to do with Darwin, Dewey and Mead?

Well, the new look and the long post I have promising will have to wait until early next week, because this weekend I will be in North Carolina. Saturday I will see UNC vs. FSU and Sunday I will be in the Student Section for Duke vs. Maryland. College Basketball is my second favorite sport behind baseball, so this weekend is very cool for me. I will give you my take of the two great ACC schools after this weekend. Hopefully I will be working on my season preview over the weekend.