Thursday, June 17, 2004

Tales From Houston

I am back and well rested after my trip from Houston. The Cubs came from behind in both games on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had the good luck to hear the Astros Post Game for my first 2 Hours of my trip home.

Here is what is going on in Astro Country:

-They want Jimmy Williams gone. They think it worked for the Marlins, so why not for them.
-One Caller thinks the Cubs are going to take off and run away with the division. Sounds good to me.
-The same caller thinks it is time for the youth movement in Houston. he thinks that Bagwell and Biggio are well past their prime.
-They are upset with all the DL'd players, but wait is that not us? The host did point out that the Cubs have played well with hurt players and he does not see why the Astros can't play as well.

I am going to finish watching tonights game.