Thursday, November 18, 2004

Media Consolidation......Not Today

As many of you know I have become a full-time sports writer for the El Dorado News-Times in El Doh-ray-doh Arkansas. At first I did not think my writing would take a hit, but after a couple of strange weeks of moving and getting settled it did. I was unhappy with coverage that I was putting into the site. That left me with a couple of options:

1. Close down shop.
2. Work with a schedule.
3. Find new writers to help.
4. Go work for another Cub Blog.
5. Suck it up and start loving the Blog again.

I did not want to become a casualty of the ever-growing Media Consolidation within the Cub Blog Army. I started around the same time as Scott Lange and Dennis Goodman of the Northside Lounge couple of years ago. Since that time I have seen many blogs come and go about the Cubs. Some have been really strong and others just never got off the ground. I did not just want to hang aroud, so I needed to make a choice.

I have really debated about what to do here in the past week. I have talked to Joe Aiello of the View from the Bleachers and he offered a spot at his every improving organization. I am sure if I said yes, he would have let come on board with open arms, but I still felt something was not right about the time. I was very tempted by the offer of not running things any more, but that is why I started this whole thing in first place. Well that, and I needed a good resume piece.

I also was not happy with the look of my site. It was too bright, as my buddy Dan pointed out, and it was quite cluttered. So early this morning, for you or right before I go to bed for me, I worked to change things at the Yarbage Cub Review. I hope everyone enjoys the new look and there will be more changes in the near future.

So do not worry about consolidation right now, but there will be some more changes. I am looking for a couple of writers, so if you are interested and already do not have a blog, then please email me or leave some comments. I have a few ideas on where I want to take my coverage of the Cubs, but that will be laid out in the weeks to come.