Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Heading to the Chapel

Well, I am not getting married, but my old high school buddy Edmond Lewis Whitfield III (Or just Lewis for short) is tying the note this weekend in San Antonio. Of course he has pulled me out of retirement to dust off the old singing chops one last time. It is the first solo I have done in about four years, but I could not turn down a chance to make a total fool of myself.
The days of me being a Music Major have passed me by, but if you can't do it for a friend, who can you do it for? Hopefully I will be able to make it through all the non-sense and not screw up.
I always thought Lewis should use his full name more often it is right out of an Old English novel, but I digress.
I am writing to tell you that everybody needs a friend like Lewis. I met him when I moved to Hoover, Ala. in the third grade and we became friends right off the bat. Those early years were highlighted by many dubious dealings, but who was perfect in their youth?
We had many things in common like out our love of movies. He was the first to get me to watch Boondock Saints and I returned the favor with Tigerland (Which by the way are both great movies).
What makes Lewis so such a great friend, I believe is the whole notion of the yin and the yang. Many of you now I graduated from the University of Alabama and of course I am Cubs fan (hence the site). While I love those two teams, I am sure he would rather jump off a bridge instead of rooting for them. You see somewhere along the way I became friends with a guy who number one college is Auburn. To make matters worse (you think Auburn would be enough) he also roots for that terrible team in a little town called St. Louis.
There is nothing worse than getting phone calls from friends telling you how great their teams are, but our friendship still remains. I guess it is the pain that we give each other that keeps us going.
2004 was a very rough year for me as Lewis's friend. Not only did the Cardinals make the World Series, but the Tigers somehow won everygame they played in, but in a little justice the BCS was on my side and kept them out of the National Title game. It was the only time I actually rooted against having a playoff in College Football. Those guys at the BCS do know something after all.
So as we get ready this weekend, take time to cherish your moments with friends. Some are there to root with you, but some of the best are when you are rooting against each other. It creates so much more drama and that is really what makes life worth living.
I hope everybody has a great weekend and that the Cubs actually start playing well. I have failed to see many games so far this year, but I feel a turn around coming. It could come at a better time where I can look good in front of my most hated Cardinals fan and one of my best friends. It is just odd that they are the same person.
Congrats Lewis and I wish you all the luck the world.