Monday, May 09, 2005

Not Much To Write About

Sorry All,

Not for the Cubs performance, but for my lack of writing about it. It is just a little hard to get excited about. Anyway, I left to go on my Honeymoon at the end of April and the Cubbies were clinging to second place in the crummy NL Central just trying to stay above .500. Well I returned to see that I did not miss a damn thing! Not that I really expected anything less, or more for that matter. But I did not expect Woody to be back on the DL. My gosh, what the hell do the Cubs players do in the off-season to keep in shape? Sign autographs? Anyway, we again have a bunch of key players hurt. Borowski, Garciaparra, Walker, and Wood again. We could probably field a better team with just our DL lineup. I'm sorry, I need to stop being so negative. What about big D. Lee? Where did that come from? The player who is known for slow starts comes out of the gate like an MVP. April player of the month, leading the NL in HR, RBI, and average. Not too shabby. Now can he get a little to rub off on the rest of the team.

So people want Baker's head. What's new? What the Cubs need now, and have needed for a while, is a real SOB manager. A Tommy Lasorda, a Larry Bowa, or even a teddy bear with an attitude like Don Zimmer. It's not Baker's fault that the Cubs need a kick in the ass and he is never really had to do that. It is Baseball's fault. These players are being paid so much money that teams think they cannot afford to sit them on the bench or better yet send their ass down to the minors. It would not make sense to have a player in AAA making $2 million a year. There is a lack of "pressure to perform" in baseball. Unless a player is in a contract year, they play about 75%. Wouldn't you? If you were guaranteed $5 million a year for 4 years, would you risk possibly getting hurt? Only if you are at the end of that 4 year contract anyway, and want to keep playing.

I guess need to quit picking on baseball. It is the same in big business. Once you have done something to command a big salary you are in demand, so you make the all the bidders pay big time to win your services. And then as the kicker, you make them pay if you end up sucking. First they suffer from your poor performance, then they cannot fire you without paying some penalty (out clause). Check out some of the severance packages for the big companies CEOs, they resemble baseball contracts a lot. Funny thing, huh?

Let's hope the Cubs get on the ball so I can get off my soapbox and give you guys some good news next time I write.