Sunday, May 08, 2005

How far we have come

I took my day off from work on Friday. I was so happy, finally I get to see the Cubs. I understand what people actually have to go through for work and I am a sports writer.
And what do I get treated to? LaTroy Hawkins sucking again and costing us another game. That was the six straight loss and on Saturday number 7 took place, but I missed that because of work at the State Baseball Tournament.

A few years ago I would not have felt this way, but now I feel sick even thinking about the Cubs. This is the team that two years ago caputured my heart and forced me to go to Miami to blow off school. Now that team is gone and all of us Cub fans are left with hearts being ripped out by Hawkins and company. We have lost more games like that and it is getting harder each time.

Kerry Wood is not the pitcher we dreamed of three years ago. Mark Prior may actually be human and not the Cy Young winner every year.

My number one complaint is the fact that the Cubs a couple years ago were going to be built on young farm talent. And as of right now Corey Patterson is the only regular that we groomed. Jason Dubois has not recieved a chance yet and it looks like he will not as long as Dusty Baker is still there.

There is still hope for us all, but it is fading real fast. Our expectations have been raised after coming so close in 2003 and now it is harder to see our team lose. The only thing that could help is years of losing as we settle back in a pattern we all were used to before these Cubs gave us the worst thing of all.................