Thursday, March 10, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

After a year off from writing articles for I am back to sharing my opinions and insights with other true "Die Hard" Cub fans. After reading some of the posts from Chris in the Yarbage Cub Review I recently responded to his request for another writer. And here I am.

Born in the the Chicago suburbs, I broke ties with the area at a young age but grew up glued to WGN and hanging on every slurred word that flowed from Harry Caray's mouth. Through the good times and the bad, I remained loyal to the Cubs. There is just something about being a true Cub fan.

While writing this post I am listening to Jamie Moyer strike out the side in the first inning of today's Cubs preseason game, and while I am dissapointed that the Cubs did not get a hit, I am a little happy for Moyer. Once a Cub, always a Cub. I pull for all the former Cubbies. I know that I am one of the first people to admit the Cubs are better off without "Slamming Sammy", but I still wish him well. I want to see him knock another 60 homers for the O's. I want to see him break 600 home runs and keep going on to 700+. I want to see him get his batting average back up over .300 and prove people wrong. I just don't want to see him strike out in the ninth inning, down by a run, with the bases loaded while wearing a Cub uniform. Enough on that subject... Dubois takes Moyer yard, Blanco drives in Barrett, Cubs 2, Mariners 0, and I have to smile. Sorry Jamie!

Look for posts from me in the near future and feel free to agree, add to my thoughts, or even disagree. I'm looking forward to it.