Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Look, Same Old Me

First off I would like to thank Kurt over at Cub Fan Nation for the new banner. I was going to get to it at some point, but he asked could he do it and I have to say I really like. Make sure you check out his site or to see his views on the Cubs.

As from my own views so far:
1) I thought Greg Maddux was plain old Maddux on Monday. He did not show much out there.
2) It was good to see Joe Borowski out and throwing, but I still have my doubts.
3) Jason Dubois should get a shot, but if I were a gambling man I would say there are many Hollandsworth sightings in the future.

On a total different subject:
This may be my favorite time of year. Baseball is starting, but the greatest sporting event in the world is about to start. I have two dreams in my life. Either to be a baseball writer or college basketball writer would be just great. I guess it does not hurt when your traditional football school has become quite good in basketball. In case you don't know whom I am talking about, it is the Alabama Crimson Tide. They just had all five starting five named to the All-SEC team, only the third time in league history that has happened.

Even though it pains me to say this because Joe from the The View From the Bleachers gives me such hell about it, but Illinois looks like the team to beat. I know they just lost to Ohio State, but the thing I like about them is the tough defense they play for 40 minutes.

This will be the first year I will not be able to follow the Crimson Tide around, but I will watching every chance I get. Of course if Alabama makes it to Nashville I might make a trip, or for Austin for the regionals, but we will not know that until Sunday night.

Also in the coming weeks, look for the season preview by Joe Rhodes and myself. Joe is sure to give his opinion of the team he hates. In case you didn't know Joe is an A's fan. I brought him on board to be the voice of reason at this site, as our views sometimes get out of whack.

Last thing, I am looking to add one more writer. If you are interested and want somewhere to voice your opinion, but don't want to run your own site please email me at