Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time for the second half

Raise your hand if the first half of the season has been a little tough to watch. That looks about right, just about every Cub fan raised their hand. I have seen disapointment in the past, but this group is so hard. For as bad as it has been there has been many great moments. Derek Lee's assualt on National League pitching for one. The injuiries have hurt and Corey Patterson could not hit a bowling ball. I got a great message from a friend while I was on vacation.
Mike Eady is the president of the "Get Corey Patterson Out of Town" Fan Club and has been complaining for weeks Corey needed to go. Little did I know during the message that Corey was already in AAA, because there is no internet or TV at this summer camp I work.
Now that Corey is gone, Mike will now focus his attention on Dusty Baker. I am of the mind that it is just time to forget the past and focus on this season. The pitching staff is now healthy and it is time to make a playoff run. The first half can be a distant memory.
As for me, I am back in El Dorado, Ark. and it is just a couple weeks away from football season. I hope my focus is on the Cubs and not on the upcoming football season.