Monday, August 15, 2005

Cubs Week in Review: 08/08/05 - 08/14/05

This week started off last the last one ended, losing. The Cubs were swept by the Reds Monday thru Wednesday in what I would classify as games that weren't even close. For the sake of repeating what has been said in the past, I will simply say that heading into a 4 game series with the Cards, the season was all but lost.

But then the rain came down Thursday afternoon, and delayed the game for almost 2 hours. Strangely enough, maybe the rain did the trick, as the Cubs scored 11 runs to beat the Cards 11-4, with Maddux going the distance. Derrek Lee added 2 bombs and seemed to be locked in the zone.

Friday was no exception. Zambrano pitched 6 great innings, and the bullpen kept it together for another victory against the Cardinals, this time 4-1.

Saturday was a tough loss to swallow, especially with the Cubs taking 2 games in the series already. But Chris Carpenter was extremely solid for his 17th victory of the season. The Cubs just couldnt figure him out.

Last night, the Cubs were once against on the winning side, winning 5-4 after a very scary 9th inning. Patterson went deep to put the Cubs ahead 2-1 early in the game, Nomar added 3 hits showing he is really finding his stroke, and Macias put the Cubs ahead for good with a 2 run single in the 7th. The Cubs win the series 3 games to 1.

3 games to 1?!? are you nuts?!? The bset team in the NL gets wiped out by a team that just lost 8 in a row?!? I couldnt believe it myself. But if this weekend has taught me anything, its a renewed sense of hope. Sure, the odds are greatly against the Cubs, but you know what? I don't care. Their play this weekend really got me re-engergized for the rest of the season. Sure the Cubs may not be playing in October. But i'll wait til the Cubs are officially eliminated from playoff hopefuls until i give up.

08/08/05 - 08/14/05 Final Grade: B

My grade is a little higher than most people would probably expect, especially after getting swept by the Reds. But with a solid weekend of play against the best team in the NL, I stand by my ranking.

08/15/05 - 08/21/05 Preview:

Monday thru Wednesday - @ Houston
Thursday - offday
Friday thru Sunday - @ Colorado