Monday, August 29, 2005

A Day To Remember; Sandberg Style

Yesterday was a fantastic for true Cub fans. Not only did the Cubs pound the Marlins, but Ryne Sandberg was forever solidified as one of the Cubs all-time greats.

The number 23 will never be worn by another member of the Chicago Cubs. Ryno joins the ranks of Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Ron Santo as the only 4 Cubs to have their numbers retired.

Sandberg was my hero growing up, and is still my favorite player of all-time. He truely played for the love of the game, and gave 100% every time he was out on that field. He may not have the kinds of numbers that players today have, but his defense and his hardwork will be forever remembered, at least by me.

A few weeks ago while on vacation, my brothers and I had a debate about which Cub will be the next to have his number retired. My initial thought would be Greg Maddux (#31), but after I thought about it, I remember that Fergie Jenkins also wore that number before Mad Dog's time. Fergie is a Hall of Famer, just like Maddux will be. If the Cubs do retire Maddux's number, does that give disrespect to Fergie? my 2nd thought was Sammy Sosa (#21). During the "golden years" as I like to call of Sosa's career (1993-2003), it would be hard not to give Sosa the respect that he deserves for what he accomplished on this team. But it could very well be that his last year here could remain a sour taste on the North Side, but we'll have to see how that plays out.

For now, I think it will be some time before another number is retired. I do think that there have been some players that were well overlooked and should have their numbers retired, ie Hack Wilson. I'm not in charge though. But if I was...well I guess thats a whole nother post for a different time.