Friday, August 26, 2005

It's not over till the fat lady sings!!

Okay, so the season is coming close to the end. The Cubs haven't played as well as we would have liked them to so far. We are 19.5 games out of our division and 7.5 games out of the wild card. Now some people are already giving up on the season. I know 7.5 games are hard to overcome, but we have 35 games left this year. Now we can't do it all by ourselves this year, we do need a little help from other teams. There are 6 teams ahead of us in the wildcard. The Cubs have 3 games coming up with Florida, 7 games left with Houston, and 3 games with the Brewers. But you say even if the Cubs do play well in those 3 series there are 3 other teams ahead of us. The Phillies hae 6 games with Florida, 3 with Houston, 6 with the Mets, and 6 with the Nationals. The Mets also have 6 games with Florida and 6 more with the Nationals. The Nationals along with the series against the Phils and Mets, have 7 games against Florida. Houston also has 4 games with Florida and 6 with Milwaukee(along with the 7 against the Cubs and 3 w/ Phils.). (Also look at bottom of article for games left among teams). Now looking at this I really believe the Cubs are still in it. Some of these teams are going to beat up on each other and help the Cubs cause. The Cubs are still going to have to play good ball and put a lot of W's on the board, but I Know they have it in them. It would be all that much sweeter to see the Cubs come from behind and make it to the playoffs while watching it, then giving up on them now and hearing about their comeback from other people. So Cubs fans keep your gear out and keep up the cheering cause the Cubs are going to make the stretch run.

Games left:

Cubs- 3 w/ Fla. 7 w/ Houston. 3 w/ Brewers
Houston- 7 w/ Cubs. 3 w/ Phils. 4 w/ Fla. 6 w/ Mil.
Milwaukee- 3 w/ Cubs. 6 w/ Houston
Philly- 6 w/ Fla. 3 w/ Houston. 6 w/ Mets. 6 w/ Washington.
Florida- 3 w/ Cubs. 6 w/ Mets. 7 w/ Wash. 6 w/ Phil. 4 w/ Houston.
Mets- 6 w/ Phils. 6 w/ Fla. 6 w/ Wash.
Washington- 6 w/ Phils. 7 w/ Fla. 6 w/ Mets.