Friday, August 19, 2005

Well, Friday could have been much worse

The Chicago Cubs held on to win 5-3 on Friday against the Colorado Rockies. I caught the first half of the game on TV, before having to sit outside in the heat to watch a high school football scrimmage. The second half of the game I caught on XM and I have to say the Rockies crew was a little bland, but I guess losing does that to you.

Mark Prior threw a lot of pitches as he picked up the win. He had 10 strikeouts and a double at the plate. The bullpen gave up one run in three innings of work and that is not half bad.

This play by Corey Patterson was just plain bad. First he did not break right away and even after that he just slid and let the catcher make the tag. How about sliding around or jumping over, but just to slide rigt into him was not the best thing I have ever seen.

There is more good news as we speak. Our friends the Pittsburgh Pirates were able to beat Wild Card leading Philadelphia to let us pick up a full game. Also the Nationals lost to the Mets, but the Marlins did beat the Dodgers. Right now the Brewers are winning so this could be a good day.