Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Bullpen, We can Rebuild it......Well you get it

Jim Hendry has had no problem adding bullpens arms to this point. If this story is correct Bobby Howry will be the next FA to sign with the Cubs.
According to the Neward Star-Ledger, the Cubs and Bobby Howry are nearing an agreement on a three-year deal.
The Cubs must have very little faith in the pitchers they've been developing over the last few years. Howry will probably get even more than the $11 million that Scott Eyre is set to earn over the next three years.

So if he gets more money than Eyre, how will we actually get FA that really help us. If we go with seven guys the pen will look something like this I guess:

1. R. Dempster
2. B. Howry
3. S. Eyre
4. R. Novoa
5. W. Ohman
6. M. Wuertz
7. J. Williams/G. Rusch?????

We could have actually spent a little more and landed B.J. Ryan, but Hendry looks like he is looking for quantity.
While, on paper this pen looks better, but for how long? Eyre and Howry are both over 30.
Hendry has yet to address the biggest problem. That would be the offense. So far he has signed Neifi Perez and picked up an option for Toddy Walker. Well, still no leadoff hitter. Still no outfield to speak of. Well, we do have one thing....our bullpen's payroll might rival the Florida Marlin's entire payroll this year.

Unless, they can get on before Lee, I don't give a damn at this point.

Wake me when the offense starts to show up.