Friday, November 18, 2005

Running and pitching

So, Scott Eyre is the first domino to drop. All I have to say is he is no B.J. Ryan and the deal is a lot like we have seen in the past. Will he help? I lean towards yes, but now Eyre, Glendon Rusch and Neifi Perez have been inked to deals. How about some real impact players like a SS or a leadoff hitter. Maybe a new centerfielder or a right fielder that hits over .250. So far we are in the same boat and even worse if Neifi is a full time player in 2006.

During the story I read this quote jumped out at me:

"[Rothschild is] not big on making us run 30 laps before you pitch," Eyre said. "He said if you're ready to pitch every day, you can do whatever you want."

Give me a break. "Whatever you want"!!!! Oh lord and we wonder why our pitchers having arm problems. We might be waiting to 2007 if Larry keeps this going on. Here is my Scrubs fantasy moment (if you don't catch the reference, then go buy Scrubs Season 1 and 2 right now)

Fade In on Cubs spring training 2006:

Larry Rothschild is sitting in a chair with a drink and an umbrella over his head.

Larry: Guys this is going to be our year. Carlos keep throwing until you hit your spots.
Zambrano: Coach, my arm is starting to hurt.
Larry: Really, how many pitches have you thrown?
Z: I thought was your job to count.
Larry: They don't pay me by the pitch, but how many guys you strikeout.
Z: That is nice, but my arm?
Larry: Really, Z just keep throwing. Remember I don't make you run. All you have to do is pitch and keep those K's coming.

Carlos thinks to himself that maybe a meeting with Dr. Andrews is coming.

Mark Prior: Larry, so how am I going to avoid arm problems this year.
Larry: Well, I think not running will help. I am sure that it was your legs that hurt you.
Prior: That does not sound right. Doesn't Roger work out a lot to build leg drive and stay healthy?
Larry: We can't all be freaks now. I am sure he is doing something that is unnatural. He is like a Sith Lord.
Prior: Sith Lord? You know Star Wars is fake right?
Larry: You would think so, but there is something about that force thing.

Prior thinks to himself that he might have already won a Cy Young if the Twins would have taken him instead of Joe Mauer.

Kerry Wood: Larry what's going on?
Larry: Nothing much, just going to pick up my check from last year.
Wood: Check from last year, why would you get that now?
Larry: This is for all the strikeouts from a year ago. A little lower because of that Maddux guy.
Wood: He has been saying that there is more to pitching than just striking guys out.
Larry: He is a cancer and does not like the fact he is not thought of as the best pitcher in the game.
Wood: Maybe, but he stays off the DL. I can't stay off of it and I know that there is something I can try.
Larry: Just you keep firing that ball in there and racking up those K's. That is your game.

Wood thinks to himself it might have been good if he never struck out 20 guys in a year.

Larry walks away as he counts his money.
Larry: Damn we were down almost 100 K's from 2004. Have to find a way to patch that Wood kid up for one more year. If we can get 1,400 K's this year then I can buy a ranch before they find out I have no clue what I am doing.