Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cubs look to Pierre

A couple days ago we heard Juan Pierre might be traded to the Cubs

WSCR 670 in Chicago is reporting that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins for three prospects.
One would be left-hander Renyel Pinto. According to the report, center fielder Felix Pie wouldn't be involved. Another expendable reliever probably would be. Roberto Novoa or Jermaine Van Buren could help the Marlin

Another work on Howry. It is offical as he makes slighty more than Eyre got. The pen is pretty set. I also forgot to leave out Scott Williamson in the previous post. There are probably more moves in the bullpen to come.

Now, back to Pierre. I looked at this deal a couple days ago and there has to be some more moves to follow.

Here is the potential lineup with who the Cubs have and with Pierre here:

1. Pierre OF
2. Walker 2B
3. Lee 1B
4. Ramirez 3B
5. Barrett C
6. Murton OF
7. Patterson OF
8. Cedeno SS

On the bench the Cubs would have Neifi and that scares everybody. Also Jerry Hairston would be back and could slide into an OF spot if the Cubs move Patterson and fail to bring in somebody else. There are still some big problems with this lineup, but it is getting better. Patterson will likely be dealt and with good cause, but the Cubs have to have a better OF option than Hairston or somebody else. It would really help if the Cubs got a bat to protect Ramirez and then shift Barrett and company down a little.
Right now, this is the lineup in some part, but I am sure it will change. The Bullpen is pretty much set and that is a good thing.