Monday, June 25, 2007

Manic Monday for the Cubs

I'm sure many of you were just as sick as me when the Top of the 9th inning ended.

This photo tells the story.....

AP Photo

Look at Bob Howry. I mean that is a man that is hurting....Well, things change fast don't they.

That is a team that just gave up six runs in the top of the 9th, only to comeback and score two runs in the bottom half. Now that is celebration that cost 136 Million Dollars, but it is worth every penny tonight. The Cubs have won four straight and are inching closer to .500. Lets hope that Ted Lilly is ready to go.

Other Items

•Mike Fontenot: Wow. 5-for-5 with a tough lefty on the mound. To make it even better, I grabbed him in one my fantasy leagues tonight.

•Trade Talk: For all the talk about Jones getting traded, if he does go at least it ended on a happy note with him scoring the tying run.

•Angel Pagan: The speedy outfielder really got lucky on a change in the first inning and looked lost the rest of the night at the plate.

•Scott Eyre: I have to call Lou out on this one. I mean, come on. Who didn't think Eyre was going to get knocked around in the 9th? Wait, there is someone in the back raising their hands.....Lou and Scott you can't take part in this. Now, anybody else? That's what I thought. I thought it was a blessing he got through 1 1/3 without giving up a run.

•Koyie Hill: He might not get to play a lot this season, but his AB in the 9th was a thing of beauty. He screwed on a 1-1 pitch that was a ball, but he fought through and got the hit.

•Cubs are 7.5 back now (7 in the loss column) with the Brewers coming into town on Friday. This is the turning point of the season.