Monday, January 08, 2007

How time files

Seems like yesterday we were all complaining about Dusty Baker and his ways. Now, four months later we are closing in on Spring Training 2007.

Dusty is gone and thanks to a stroke of luck, Neifi Perez can't bat in the No. 2 hole this season. But the question remains, are the Cubs any better off than last year? I think the answer is yes, but I don't know if we are good enough to actually compete. There are a lot of people that throw numbers at you, but what numbers don't tell you are what breaks you might actually get.

Now it is time to look in the future about the upcoming 2007 season. Will it be a good one? Check out the end to see.


The month doesn't start great as pitchers and catchers report, but Mark Prior is nowhere to be found. The Cubs hold a press confernce saying that his flight was delayed out of California and he would be back later this week. Jim Hendry asures everyone that he has been throwing just fine. In other news, free agent signings Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis have taken to Larry Rothschild's pitching program, which can't be a good sign. They say they haven't felt stronger. Maybe they are ready for big years?

Mark Prior shows up to Spring Training a week late and reports start to circulate that his shoulder is once again a problem. Prior says it really was a flight delay out of L.A., but we aren't buying it.


Spring training is in full swing and Alfonso Soriano looks amazing. He has 15 home runs during spring training and 15 stolen bases. He proclaims that he is going 50/50 this year and how are we doubt him?

Mark Prior has yet to pitch, instead opting to pitch in the pool. He says it will save his arm for the season. Does that plane story seem likely now? I didn't think so either.

The Cubs haven't lost a spring training game and things are looking up.

Check back for April tomorrow.....