Friday, May 02, 2003

Cubs win the Series and Finals are a Coming

Let me start off with I have finals starting Monday and I should be getting ready, but really the Cubs are in first and who wants to miss a second of that. No on to more important things.

The Cubs took the series today mainly because of the Bullpen. The got in a little trouble, but they never let a run across. The biggest play of the game had to be the Relay from Corey to Alex to Ramon to get Durham out. That allowed Guthrie to work around Bonds to get the double play.

It was great to see Alex bust out today. Two homeruns really helped the Cubs today. If he can continue to hit infront of Sosa like that then the Cubs will have a better chance to drive in runs.

The Rockies come to town and Shaun Chacon(who dominated the Cubs a week ago) goes against Shawn Estes. This is a make it or break it start for Estes. If Estes struggles again then a move has to be made. For the Cubs to contend they have to have chance every start out and so far Estes has only had one good start. The other note is Mark Bellhorn. He will get the start tomorrow after being sit for the entire Giants series. He did have a pinch hit on Wednesday, but never started this series. He has to break out of his slump or it will cost him his job for good. Ramon has played well for Mark, but I would still like to see him get out of that slump and start hitting.

The Cubs lead the division by one game over the Cards and will have to continue to play well, because the Cards are coming on strong. If you go over and read the Clark and Addison Chronicle by Jason Steffens he has a story about the Cards getting some pitching help. Also over at Out in the Bleachers by Mike Wilkinson he has a look at the Cub prospects in the minors. Both are really great reads and you should go over there and check them out.

I am heading to Birmingham this weekend to watch some Senior Golf at the Bruno's Memorial Classic. I enjoy seeing some golf and last year I followed Andy North. I think the Seniors do it the best when talking to the crowd while playing. So I will not get to see the Cubs much this weekend tough, I will try to update a couple times this weekend.