Wednesday, May 14, 2003

You Can't Teach a Old Dog New Tricks

I know this may be getting old, but Mike Kiley again today brings up the same trade rumors as he did yesterday, and not to metion all season

Today's article says:

There isn't room for Beck in the Cubs' bullpen right now, but general manager Jim Hendry has to get a trade overture sooner or later if Beck continues to succeed in this overwhelming fashion. It also gives Hendry the option of dealing Antonio Alfonseca for a third baseman and considering Beck as a possible replacement for Alfonseca in the Cubs' bullpen.

I wrote yesterday about the same thing, but Jason Steffens, over at The Clark & Addison Chronicle pointed out that it was the same title that was used a coupld of weeks ago. I thought that title was the same, but Kiley gets to keep on writing.