Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Mike Kiley at it Again

The Sun-times writer Mike Kiley is starting to beat a dead horse. For weeks now he has crusaded that the Cubs must trade for a 3B. Now I know Bellhorn has not played great and is probably not the long term answer, but Kiley seems to write about weekly. Bellhorn has shown some signs again of breaking out of the slump, but Kiley does not let down.

Today in a short article he writes that:

Baker acknowledged that he is at a point where he can use Alfonseca or Joe Borowski as his closer. But the possibility also remains that general manager Jim Hendry could use Alfonseca to pry away third baseman Shea Hillenbrand from the bullpen-challenged Boston Red Sox.

Hillenbrand and Florida Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell seem to be the top two third basemen Hendry is interested in. Alfonseca is a former Marlin, so perhaps his best trade chance would be if the Red Sox bite.

But the Cubs will have to think twice before tampering with what appears to be a dependable bullpen, something they haven't had in years.

Kiley seems to want to become a opinion writer, rather than a beat writer. Much of his comments lead to what ifs. It is has been talked about all over the blog scene, and as long as he keeps writing this stuff, I will keep bashing him.