Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Estes the Staff Ace

I will admit when I am wrong most of the time. Today Shawn Estes proved to me that he could still pitch. Now granted it came against the Brewers, so there is still a little cause to worry. He now has 3 wins in a row and is 4-3 overall. Two of those wins are against the Brewers and the other is the Rockies. Also he helped with the Bat. Estes was 2 for 4 and should have had a RBI if it were not for a bang-bang play at the plate.

His next start will come against the big hitting Cards. That start is huge for the Cubs and Estes. If he continues to get that good curveball over for strikes he will have a solid season. Beating the Cards with a strong outing would mean that Cubs could really contend this year.

Estes has given up 6 ER's in his last three starts. It should be lower if Baker would have taken him out an inning earlier against the Rockies. He is getting ground balls and that has led to many double plays.

Mark Grudzielanek is on a tear. He is 10 of 14 in the last 3 games and his average is up to .310. Four days ago he was batting .267.

Choi broke out of his mini slump tonight going 2 for 4 with his 7 HR. Choi needs to keep improving and looks like he is.

Today the Cubs are 22-16. That is a great start, but if you would have told me that Corey Patterson would have 7 HR's and 30 RBI's and without Sosa playing 100%, I would say no way the Cubs are off to that kind of start.

The Cubs go for the Series win tomorrow in this four game set and their longest winning streak of the year of 4 games.

Carlos will try to improve on his 3-3 record and get back to over .500 this year.

The Cubs did not win Game #22 Last Season until June 6th.