Saturday, June 07, 2003

Cubs win as Karros Hits for Choi

On a very somber day at Wrigley Field, the Cubs played some of their best baseball of the Season.

Kerry Wood was very sharp his first 4 innings. He was just blowing Yankees away.
The big news of the day has to be Big Choi. He went down hard in the 3rd and was taken away. Word is that his is in serious condition, but lets hope he is ok and out soon.

I would like to thank Todd Hundley. If it were not for the trade the Cubs would not have Eric Karros, who really has played well this season, other than a few Double Plays. His 3 run bomb in the 7th was the best I have felt in a week.

Some interesting news over at the Cub Reporter about the possible Mike Lowell Trade. So be sure and check it out. I say with Sosa about sit out a week, they need another bat bad, but they needed one way before the cork popped.

I was watching the game the D-Rays, and Steve was like the Cubs will be fine with the DH in the AL. Does anybody else think this may hurt us, with our weak hitting, this only brings more weak bats to the plate. Now that Choi could be out a few days, it really could hurt.

Prior goes tomorrow for a big win and the Series victory.