Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Go Read Somewhere Else

While I have not had anything good to say today, there have been a number of other Cub blog writers that have some fine things to say.

First off I was about to come up with a good headline, but I am still thinking. The one I was going to use was in use at The Clark and Addison Chronicle.

Over at Let's Play Two, there are many good reasons to not get Neifi Perez.

Brian Carstens has reminders of 2001 and how they look like the 2003 Cubs.

Also Dennis Goodman is at the Reds series this week. So be sure to check out the Northside Lounge.

As for my own toughts. Bobby Hill should start tonight at third. Will it happen? No way because knowing my luck Lenny F. Harris will get the call to bat second just as I put a bite to eat in my mouth.

Thanks to all who have been reading and soon my brother will be adding content to the site. He is just as big of a Cub fan and has a deep hatred for the Atlanta Braves also. He went with me to Toronto this past weekend and I am sure he will have some good stuff to say. The only drawback is he is an Auburn Guy, but you cannot hold that against the family.