Friday, June 20, 2003

Go to Bed Early and Wake Up With Jose

I had a test today, so I wanted to get some much needed sleep. My brother called and said Mark Bellhorn was now a Rockie and Jose Hernadez was back with the Cubs. I have a few problems with this move.

1. Does this mean no real 3B to play this year? It would seem so sports fans. The Cubs have found the cheap way out. Just remember last week Jim said he could increase payroll to bring in some players. I would have passed if I had known it was Jose.

2. Jose is batting like .239. Way to go Jim! Trade one light hitting 3B for another.

3. We need more K's. Jose has been the K king the last two seasons. He is playing bad in offensive paradise of Coors and now he is back in Chicago. I always like Jose an extra player, but this is not going to be enough for the Cubs to contend.

4. At least if you do this, please Cut Lenny Harris. Harris is batting like .169 now and has no reason being on the roster. Come on Jim please give me some good news today.

The White Sox are in town and Cubs lead by a game. This could be the end.