Thursday, July 31, 2003

Here Comes the Ghost of Cubs Past

I have about 30 minutes to write this little story before I have to go to our going away party in Klagenfurt. I took my final yesterday and I still have 13 more days to travel, but until then lets get to the Cubs.

Yesterday Doug Glanville was added to the Cub roster and if reports are correct Matt Stairs will not be far behind. Jim Hendry is pulling out all the stops to get x-Cubs in his quest for a Division Title. Now the hot rumor is that the Cubs are trying to Rafael Palmeiro. I do not believe this in a million years, but it is fun gossip for all the internet hounds out there. This got me thinking who else could we bring back this year. Jose Hernadez has come and gone, Doug is back, and rumors about Palmerio. I would not be against Seeing Palmerio back, he does have 24 HR and 70 RBI. The thing is that he is hitting lefties better than right handed pitching this year, but it will not happen any way so why bother.

So lets take a look at the other possible moves before the deadline. These are EX-Cubs that could come back.

1. Steve Trachsel- I remember hating Steve back in the day, but he has pitched well in New York. He would fit in the same time period as the recent players have added. Might as well just gut the farm system. I mean Shawn Estes straight up, the Mets took Mo Vaughn from the Angels, why not bring back Shawn. I heard Glavine was hurt any way.

2. Jose Hernadez- Might as well just bring him back even if we just traded him. I am sure the Pirates would take Ramon Martinez for him. The Cubs are just tying to bring back the Magic.

3. Terry Mulholland- We can just bring him in to pick off baserunners. Another lefty cannot hurt.

4. Brant Brown- He just needs another chance, he has to be able to hit better than O'Leary or Harris.

5. Mark Grace- He has his world series. His bat has slowed, but he may make us laugh.

If these players cannot cut it lets go old school with this one.
Joe Carter- He was terrible in the broadcast booth, so why not just bring him out of retirement to play again. It could right a wrong the Cubs made and Joe could prove some worth. I would have said like Lou Brock, but I have heard he may have lost a step or two.

I ran out of time, I hope to add a few more names before the deadline, or you can suggest some. Lets all jump on board the EX-Cub trend. Leave no former Cub behind.