Thursday, August 14, 2003

Game Log #1

12:57 p.m.: I am ready 3 minutes until Cub Baseball. This is my first game to see since June 30th. If the Cubs can win then they will be .5 games out of first.

1:00 p.m.:Lead Off Man just started. Matt Clement vs. Jarod Fernadez. Steve Stone is interviewing Dusty Baker and he is saying the standard everygame is important and we want to keep ahead of the other team. That is an understatement. What's up with Darren Baker wearing the Road Cap, I a mean come on Dusty you are the skipper. Your son has to dress right.

1:23: First pitch is a ball. Nice to see Choi in the game. I think he is going to do some damage today. I am joining the Free Hee Seop group. Wow, the late call on the play to get Biggio. Looking at the replay it looks good.

1:28 Chip and Steve give pitching 101 with the talk of 2 and 4 seem fastballs. Clement K's Kent and the first is over.

1:44 Lofton leads off with a single, Gonzo walks. Sosa and Alou both get out. I said it once before as Choi his a gapping double to give the Cubs a 2-0 lead.

1:55 The TV vs. Radio war continues as Chip and Steve take more shots at Santo. Aramis makes a good grab to end the inning.

2:07 Augie goes to 0-15. Bako gets picked off and Clement k's on the ugliest swing I have seen in years.

2:11 1-2-3 still 2-0

2:20 Bottom of the third. Gonzo singles up the middle, he is starting to show real signs of getting a decent swing. Holy Crap, Biggio makes his first Error in center all year on a ball off the bat of Sosa. Alou was walked to load the bases, but Choi and Aramis cannot get the job done. Well, I cannot be always right as Choi does not come through here.

2:45 Augie may have not got a hit, but he was HBP, then Bako gets a lucky bounce. Clement is by far the worst hitting Cub pitcher. Sac Fly from Kenny Lofton 3-0, then Gonzo doubles on and "Wavin" Kim takes a gamble that pays off as Bako scores from 1st. After 4 Cubs up 4-0.

3:00 Clement puts 2 on and nobody out. Then he gets Colin Porter and Biggio to strike out. Then Merced grounds out to 2nd.

3:20 Alou is hit by a pitch and then Aramis is also. Choi also walked in this inning. It was a perfect chance for Augie to get his first hit, but he k's. Bako then gets a RBI as he is walked. Cubs 5-0

3:45 Clement gets in trouble and is taken down after he walks in a run. Clement is again unable to field his position. He leaves with 8 K's and 4 Walks. A good outing, but I would like to see more control. Veres gets the final out. After 5 and 1/2 Cubs 5 - Astros 1.

3:55 Bagwell misses a HR by just an inch. Veres is looking good today. If it were not for the wild pitch it would be a perfect piece of relief. He gets Kent to fly out. Cubs 5-1 going into the stretch. 7th inning stretch guest is the WGN morning news crew, it is about to retire this guest conductor thing. It is starting to get tired. They should just bring Bill Murray back all the time. The Cubs are 2 innings away, and can the bullpen hold it for 2 days straight.

4:03 NY is in the Dark as major power outages hit. The Cubs go quietly in the 7th. Choi had a nice try at a bunt, but he was thrown out. Also more pointless chatter in the booth during the 7th inning interview.

4:09 Guthrie comes on and K's Berkman who is now 1-14 in the series. Then gives up a bloop double to Greg Zahn. Farnsworth is coming on right now.

4:20 First off, why have I not read about Farnsworth's new fassion statement. He now has turned into Mr. Shaggy with the growth on the beard and his hair is growing out. He looks totally different then the old Klye, now back to the game. Kyle walks one, but K's Hidalgo to end the inning with a 98 MPH fastball. Cubs 5-1

4:40 Gonzo gets permission to buzz the tower as the Cubs add 2 in the bottom half of the 8th inning. He goes 3/4 with 3 RBI 2 Runs and 1 HR. It looks like he has found his stroke. It was all possible because of the Lofton walk to keep the inning alive. The Cubs head to the 9th up 7-1. The scene in the Cub dugout as the plane flew overhead was priceless. I think Hee Seop thought someone was about to land on Wrigley. It looks like Clement will improve to 10-10 and the Cubs will be .5 behind the Astros and Cardinals.

4:51 Joe Borowski gives up a hit and walk with 1 out and then gets Kent to fly out and Strikes out Berkman. Cubs Win 7-1. Thoughts on what this means a little later. This was fun, so maybe I will do this again on a later date.