Friday, August 01, 2003

Vienna Waits For You

Sorry I could not help quote one of my favorite Billy Joel tunes, as I head to Vienna. It is August 1st and the Cubs are 3.5 games out of first again. A few notes, no last second trades, this means O'Leary and Harris are here to stay and that makes me sick. The Cubs just 4 of 6 from Two of the Division leaders in the NL. What does this mean? Who knows, the Cubs are so up and down and they never seem to get on that big role. The Central is there for the taking, but I could not tell you who will win.

The Cards and Astros did nothing yesterday either, so that helps the Cubs chances. Today's game is big. Schilling vs. Cruz, if the Cubs can take this one, I like the chances this weekend. The Astros head to Florida, so the Cubs could make up more ground.

It will be hard for me to post over the next week or so, because I will be running around Europe until my flight on the 13th. I took my German final yesterday and on the 4th I am headed somewhere in Europe. This trip has been a lot of fun, but I am tired and miss the States. My brother should be back this week with his comments after a week at the beach.

So have fun and I will be back soon. Also I have added a few links to the side so check them out. I have been real behind do this, but you are probably already reading them, but just in case.