Thursday, August 14, 2003


The Cubs take 3 of 4. They now have a 3 game winning streak and now would be a good time to real off a few more wins in a row. This was the perfect game for my first game back in almost 2 months. With the LA win the Cubs are now only 2.5 games behind the Wild Card, but Philly still plays tonight. This is the kind of series you dream of. I really thought after losing the first game of the series the best the Cubs could have done was get a split, but the Cubs pulled it together. They scored 13 runs in the last 2 games and held the Astros to 7 runs the entire series. With 4 of those coming off Estes.

So where does this leave the Cubs? This is a prime spot to take the division. The schedule is still tough the rest of this month.

So lets look at what everybody has left.

Cubs (3, Houston 64-57)(3, Arizona 64-55)(6, Brewers 47-72)(8, Cardinals 64-57)(4, Expos 61-60)(3, NY Mets 50-69)(3, Reds 52-67)(7, Pirates 55-64)

Astros (3, Reds 52-67)(6, Dodgers 62-58)(6, Padres 47-74)(8, Brewers 47-72)(3, Rockies 61-62)(6, Cardinals 64-57)(3, Giants 73-46)(3, Cubs 63-57)

Cardinals (6, Phillies 65-54)(8, Cubs 63-57)(3, Pirates 55-64)(6, Reds 52-67)(6, Astros 64-57)(6, Brewers 47-72)(3, Rockies 61-62)

It should be fun, but I hate the fact that the Cubs play the Cardinals 8 times including the 5 game 4 day stretch in early September. That could really make or break the year.

Well, at least we are in the race.