Thursday, September 04, 2003

Bad Pitching, Bad Luck, Bad Umps and The Cubs Win?

I am shocked to be writing this right now. The Cubs win today 7-6. That makes it 15-13 over the past 2 days. Not exactly what we have come to expect over the years and even this season. The Cubs outslugged the Cards. I was unable to see the first 5 innings today because of Class, but through the wonder of Tivo everything was live until a friend caught me off guard, so I just fast went on ahead. I went back and watched the first 5 after the game was over. Estes did not look good and really he did not look that bad. He was unlucky in the first when Alou could not come up with a fly. He was lucky in the 4th a Double Play. He drove in a run.

The 5th inning is where he lost it, but he should not have. Those were some good pitches to Widger, but he did not get the calls. This is the Bad Umps portion of the review. First Mark was safe on the throw from Bo Hart. He cleary beats the throw into second base. Sosa may have said some words, but he was headed back to the dugout. I have seen much worse let go before. I was surprised that Simon was not tossed after his K. Back to Estes he threw 2 pitches that should have ended the inning, but again he was unlucky. Widger doubled and it opened the gates. He was actually in line to win until Wellemeyer and Remlinger blew the save. This still does not mean he should be pitching again. He gave up 9 hits and 5 ER.

Some way through all fo this the Cubs game back and won the game. They took 4 of 5 from the Redbirds. They are .5 back of the Astros and .5 ahead of the Cards. Next up is the Brewers. Cruz will get another start and this will probably end the 6 man rotation after this. The pitching rotation and bullpen are a little overworked. They could use a blow out or something to rest them. One more note. Joe Borowski has great again today. I thought he would be the closer for about a month, but he keeps getting the job done. Joe has been the 1 reliever who has been strong all year. Also "The Farns" shut the door in the 8th with getting Albert and Striking out Renteria, not too bad for Ole' Dr. Tightpants.

This year feels special, but there is still a lot to play for.