Thursday, September 04, 2003

Estes Ready For Series Finale?

With fact there are no fresh arms in the bullpen, then you had to figure that Shawn Estes would get the call. Dusty has said that Estes will pitch today. Our friend Mike Kiley had this to write today from the Sun-Times:

''I'm ready to step up to the challenge,'' Estes said. ''I do feel my back is against the wall right now. This team needs me, so I plan on going out and giving it all I have.

''I'll be ready to pitch. I feel like this year there have been games where I have let them get away. Maybe mentally I wasn't right. But I'll be ready to pitch tomorrow. You have to be in that situation.''

I am not sure if I believe it, but if there is ever a chance for one of those gems he throws, well today is the day.

I will miss the first couple of innings, because I have to go to Visual Jounalism, but I will back for a recap later. I am going to Tivo the game today, just maybe the Cubs can pull the 4 of 5.