Saturday, September 06, 2003

Cruz for 5th Starter

A little weak for the title, but I am little drunk as I sit down and put down my thoughts about tonights game. Cruz proved that he should be the 5th starter. When he got in jams, he was able to work out of them. Alf came in and ended one jam and it will probably be the last time we see him for a few games, unless his appeal is later.

The Cardinals lost, but the Astros won, so the Cubs are still .5 back and 3 back in the Wild Card as the Phillies won.

I will be unable to watch tomorrows game, because I will see #1 Oklahoma take my Alabama Crimson Tide. There has not been a lot to brag about in Alabama, but I am ready. So look for some comments Sunday. Prior is on the Hill, so it should be a good game.

I met another Cub fan tonight, he lives across the street and his first Cub memory was 84 and the NLCS. He was happy to find out I have the MLB Extra Innings, so he will be over a lot down the stretch.

Ok, more later.