Sunday, February 15, 2004

A-Rod Welcome to the List

If you have have seen the news, you already know that A-Rod is now a New York Yankee. Just makes me sick even to think about it. I hate the Yankess and this just adds more fuel to the fire. On other news it looks like Greg Maddux may be leaning towards us, but I still doubt it very much. I will increase my figures to the nice round number of 37.876%. I still feel like this is a PR move, but Greg could help the team. He is a more stable pitcher then Cruz is, but does this hurt Cruz in the long run. My guess is Juan Cruz will be the first to be traded this season, but I guess you never know. I am working up my spring training review and there have already been a couple of good ones around, so I will wait till the roster is set. I am going to look at a few different things including different teams.