Friday, June 25, 2004

Big Weekend

Well now that Carlos Beltran is an Astro maybe the Royals will go on a tear this weekend and help the Cubs by beating the Cards. I know it is probably hopeful thinking but what can I say, I'm a Cubs fan. Plus it helps to see the Rangers in first place after they got rid of their best player and supposedly the best player in the game, so the Royals could be helping themselves out by unloading Beltran. Speaking of the Rangers hopefully they will continue their great season by pounding the Astros. The Reds are playing the Pirates this weekend who are in another slump so far this year. The Cubs are now three games back tied with the Reds from the first place red birds. Houston is five games back and Brewers are 5.5 games back. This weekend could have a huge impact on the season. While the cards are playing the "getting ready for the future" Royals, the Cubs are playing the White Sox who themselves are 2 games back from the Twins in their division. In a tight division such as the central these interleague match-ups could play a huge role on who goes and who stays home for the playoffs. As long as the Cubs get the job done and win at least two out of three from the White Sox then they have nothing to worry about. Let's go CUBS!!!!!!!