Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sosa a Burnitz

According to reports and the all knowing internet rumors, Jeremy Burntiz is goingt to become the Cubs new RF in 2005. All I have to say is.......Oh Come on this is terrible. We trade one stirke out king for another. Burnitz had a Coors .282 avg, 37 HR and 110 RBI in 2004. Burnitz has hit 30 or more HR's in six of the last seven years, but we could have kept Sosa for this. In 2003 he hit a combined .239 and taking the middle he might hit .260 this year. We need to go out and find the OBP machines, not the player that stikes out over 100 times a year.

It looks like right now the Cubs will start with the potent OF of Corey Patterson, Burnitz, Todd Hollinsworth, Jerry Hairston and Jason Dubois.

Not an OF that stikes fear in the hearts of pitchers, but I guess we have the infield that does.

Is this the end of the deals? I think so sports fans. I have a basketball game to cover tonight, so I will check in later.