Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just when we thought it could not get worse.....

Again sorry about the lack of posts, but bad news just gets me down. We sign a guy who can't hit lefties. We trade away a guy that used to be the answer to who was the best player in the system. Then we are going to trade our best left-handed bat or not use him. What makes things worse is another guy that should not have been brought back is going to platoon at second base.
And we wonder how we have not won a World Series since 1908. I am always positive when the season starts and I suppose that if our pitching holds up things will be better, but really can we except that?
Now there is talk of signing our GM that continues to put pieces in the hand of manager that is reading "Manager for Dummies." If he gets his extension, then I am sure our worst nightmare since Don Baylor will get another extension. Why couldn't the Dodgers brought him home?
Not to mention that our GM is reading baseball cards to sign players. Maybe we can put good players in his hand. You think that might work? He is only buying decks with sub par players. That has to be it.
I may sound a little down, but overall life is going well. Job is good, I won a World Championship in my simulation league and life is pretty good. It is just these stingy Chicago Cubs and their moves that keep me up at night.
Ok, sports fans that is it for now, but hopefully better days are ahead of us.