Friday, May 26, 2006

Lame Title Here.......

My life is offically in the dumps now. Our Sports Award Banquet was last night and the only thing I have to do now is watch this terrible team we all care about.
I say this because I care so much, but our team will give us nothing in return. I here all this stuff about the team not preforming because this or that, but it does not change the fact the Cubs are the worst team in baseball.
During Dusty Baker's three year term the team has actually gotten worse and not better. Each year the team seems to hit less and less and that is a direct reflection of the coaching staff.
The Cubs the past couple of years had to win games with the long ball and now they can't even do that. At this point, I almost don't care what we do. Obviously, the Cub fans are not going to stop coming to the ball park. This will always hurt us as the Tribune Company sees the Cubs as a cash cow and that will not change. They have spent money, but it takes more than money. It takes that drive to win and that one voice saying we have to win.

Until that day, Keep Hope Alive and maybe they will fire Dusty tomorrow.