Saturday, May 03, 2003

Estes Wins and "The Horn" Blows

Ok that may have been the worst headline in the history of this blog, but hey at the time I found it funny.

The two players that have struggled the most this season both played really well today. Estes picked up his 2nd and Bellhorn went 2/2 with 3 RBI's.

This does not mean that these guys are out of the woods, but it is step in the right direction. Maybe Estes needs to pitch just at Wrigley, because his ERA is under 3 at home. His road ERA is 16.00.

The Cubs improved to 17-12 and are still a game up on the Redbirds. Last season the Cubs did not pick up win #17 until May 23rd. Now that is improvement. This next week and half will go along way to see if the Cubs can keep it up. They have 2 with the Rockies left, and then 3 with the Brewers. That leads to the biggest series of the year with the Cards. It is still early, but the closer the Cubs get to Memorial Day in first place the more this will look like a serious year.

I will miss today's game, because I came home and left my Directv in Tuscaloosa. On a side note it looks like our Head Football Coach at Alabama may be on the way out, and I am glad at least I have the Cubs to get through all the madness. It seems like the Crimson Tide can do no right. Coach Price seems to have been a bad boy at a strip club.

Tomorrow the Cubs face a "soft tossing lefty" to quote Chip and Steve. The kind that the Cubs have had trouble with, even tough we beat one three days ago. Darren Oliver will try to capture the same magic against the Cubs. Carlos heads to the hill to try to improve his record of (3-2).

The Cubs look to make some roster moves this weekend with Antonio Alfonseca and Dave Veres both looking to come off the DL. Veres may be sent to Iowa to get some rehab, and to buy the Cubs some time in making some moves. Personally I would like to see Alan Benes stay and Juan Cruz get some regular work, but who knows.