Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Cubs Shutout O's and for the Love of God Stop Playing Lenny '#@#$%^* Harris

This was a big game for the Cubs. They are about to be without Sosa for about a week, so they really needed to win game one. They took care of the O's 4-0 on the strength of Shawn Estes. His curveball was just wicked. It looks like Estes is going to be a force this season when the curve is working.

Sosa is hitting the ball hard and he may want to stop the hop until a ball goes over the wall. He has been early on a few hops in the past two weeks.

Eric Karros looked good today and I believe that having quality backups is huge in the majors today, but the Cubs also have some non-quality players.
That brings me to my rant of the night.

Lenny Harris started again tonight for the Cubs. Again he did nothing to keep himself in the lineup. I know he is a team guy, but please Dusty can't you see he is through.

He is now 2 for his last 26 AB's. He has driven in 1 run during that time. His averages are just plain bad.

Harris- .181 Avg 1 HR 6 RBI .253 OBP .241 SLG .494 OPS
Bellhorn .215 Avg 2 HR 22 RBI .346 OBP .323 SLG .669 OPS
Martinez .287 Avg 3 HR 16 RBI .364 OBP .447 SLG .811 OPS

Harris has 2 extra base hits, while Bellhorn and Martinez both have 9. If you go by just hitting then Ramon should be the starting third baseman. Harris is lacking in every stat. Ramon's OPS is far better than either of them, mainly because of his average.

How about the Sac Fly. Maybe Harris has done something there.

Bellhorn 4(leads team)
Martinez 3(2nd Team)
Harris 0

I keep looking up things just to find a reason, but none can be found. I thought at first Dusty wanted him to get his 1,000 hit, but after that he keeps putting him out in the field. The only thing Harris has is that fact he has not struck out as much as Bellhorn and he only has 1 error, but he has limited range.

I am just sick of seeing Harris on the field. There is no excuse. My roomate just laughs as he hears me cruse the screen when I find out that Baker has let Harris start.

Mike Lowell, Matt Williams or lets just grab a guy from the stands, but Lenny Harris has to be stopped. Mark my words, the Cubs will not win even the Wild Card if Harris gets 15 more starts. This is huge month for the Cubs and somehow they have got by with Lenny Harris, now lets go get someone that actually should be starting at 3B. The numbers do not lie. The Cubs are about to be without Sosa, they are already without Choi, so they need a bat to contend. The Bluejays score runs like crazy and then the Cubs have the Reds in the Great American Smallpark.

Last thing, what is up with Kim with his waving people home. My brother called me and was like "this has to stop." The Cubs cannot be giving up outs because Kim thinks that the throw must be perfect. The two times last night were not even close. Ok, I am spent. Clement will try tomorrow to give back to back good starts. He will face Omar Daal.

Cheer up the Cubs are back in 1st Place.