Sunday, June 08, 2003

Cubs Take Down Evil Empire

It was a game that the Cubs wanted to give away, but Joe nailed down the save after giving up two runs. The Cubs got a win they really needed.

They finish 6-6 on the Homestand to improve to 34-27. They are one game behind the Astros, but are tied with 27 L's. The Cubs now become big Yankee fans as the Cards and Astros make trips to New York this week. Also both teams play the hot hitting Red Sox. The Cubs get the O's and Blue Jays.

I am head to Toronto on Friday to knock out ballpark #15. This marks the halfway point of my life long quest. Now I just have to avoid SARS, but more on the weekend series closer to the end of the week.

The Cubs go to Baltimore this week and it is time to give a shout out to Justin Ladner. He is a lifelong Orioles fan and I am sure the trash talking will start between us. He is still mad about me not voting for Cal Ripken in his last year for the All Star game, and I stand by my vote. I have always thought the All-Star game should be about this year and not past years. Even tough Cal won the MVP, I still think he was not having the year that deserved a All-Star selection. I think it was great for baseball, but that is my personal opinion.

I will have to say that Ladner is as big of an Oriole fan, as I am a Cub fan. I have mutal respect for his love of the O's. The best story I have was in the playoffs in 97. I was watching the Indians vs. O's with him as Armando Benitez gave up a HR that cost the O's the game and the series. He still cruses Benitez's name when he gets the chance. I will give him to chance to write something on this site this week if he wants. He was at all of Cal Ripken's important games and hopefully he will have a story for this site.

This brings up a topic, are you a hometown voter, or do you put time into your ballot? Personally I believe that baseball fans should put a little effort into their ballot.