Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Say It Ain't So

About 5 hours ago, I was about ready to form a war party and head off to the NYC. The goal was to find Big "King" George and hold him for ransom, or just hold him where he could not sign anybody else. Reports out of NY said the Yankees were about to sign Greg Maddux. It seems like those reports may be premature, but I still holding back to see what happens. If Maddux were to go to the Yankees, I do not think I could build a better team in my fantasy draft. What the Yankees are doing is bad for baseball. George is just in his own computer simulation.

George-"I heard this A-Rod guy could hit. How much does he make?

Brian-"I think around 25 million a year"

George-"Sounds good, lets get him"

Brian-"But Boss, we can't take on 25 mill a year and not give up anyone"

George-"Well that Soriano kid comes cheap, and he doesn't take a walk according to Billy Beane. So throw him in the deal."

Brian-"He is almost a 40/40 guy and still is not costing us much. Boss our payroll is already well above everyone else."

George-"Cashman you do what I tell you to. Soriano is not A-Rod, and if we do this then I get more press. Anyway there is no chance in hell that Cairo, Wilson, or Almonte is going to be our starting 3B"

Brian-"You know that one of those guys is going to be our 2B starter."

George-"Like hell they are. Now we go sign Maddux tomorrow."

Brian-"How does Maddux help us with our 2B problem. I know he is a Gold Glove winner, but I do not see it."

George-"What the hell do I pay you for? Brian you sign Maddux and trade one of these other stiffs. How about Jose Conteres or Lieber to get us our 2B? Now go to the Expos again and get me Jose Vidro or better yet go to the Seattle and get me Brett Boone. Then I can have both Boone's on the payroll, strike that and hire Bob Boone. Then I look like I care about family. Tell Torre to make him the bench coach or something."

Brian-"I don't think we have the players Seattle is looking for."

George-"Sure we do, we just take ones they are looking to unload like Freddie Garcia. We can make him long relief in the bullpen."

Brain-"Ok your the Boss, but you know that our payroll will be close to 200 million."

George-"It's only money and I always can print more."

The empire must be a fun place to work, but I guess for many of us we will never know.