Monday, October 02, 2006

The Demons are gone......thanks to drinking.

Well, we all know that McFail and Dusty "we don't trusty" are gone and Scott Lange and I would like to take credit.
We decided that being sober for the new Cubs' HBO special would not work. So, we started drinking and never stopped. The Drinking game was a great success. There were shots and many beers that were consumed. Here are a couple proofs for you:

1. Before the drinking game, the Cubs were losing to the Rockies. After, the Cubs beat the Rockies.

2. Before the drinking game, Andy McPhail was still president. After, he leaves the team. I am telling we should all drink more.

3. Before Dusty is Manger, after he is leaving the Windy City. Never to double switch Neifi ever again.

4. Before Wood and Prior are hurt,.......after Well the game is not a miracle worker.

My suggestion to all of you is create a game to get messed up and who knows, maybe the Cubs will have it going in 2007.