Sunday, June 25, 2006

Game 2, We still suck

I did forget to bring up the fact that the Cubs are staying at the same hotel as me. Now that I am a writer, even at a small paper, I do hate to bother people during dinners and such. So, I didn't, but plenty of other people did.

This is the second time that I have stayed in the same hotel and this group seems to be a little better dealing with fans. The sightings started off slow on Friday as I only ran into Andy McPhail. I didn't have anything good to say at all, so why bother.

Saturday things picked up. When I went to the lobby on the way to the Mall of America I ran in Larry Rothschild on his way to the gym.

After the game, while sitting in the hotel lobby the players were coming and going in droves. I saw Dempster, Nevin, Marshall, Zambrano, Murton, Blanco and Prior.

All the Cubs singed stuff in the lobby, but nobody was bothered more than Todd Walker. He sat and ate with some friends at the bar, which I was at as well. At least 10 groups came up for pictures and autographs. He never said no, just smiled and did his part. Todd Walker continues to climb up on my list, but it is too bad he is probably gone this year. I would love to sit down and just chat with some of them. On a side note if some asked me was Walker a beer or wine man, I would have said beer. It could have just been the night, but he was a wine man on this night.

As for the game, I am now more positive more than ever that Dusty Baker is a main problem, but Jim Hendry and Andy McPhail should get equal blame. The more I think about it, how the hell gives Neifi Perez a 2-year 5 million dollar contract? His agent must have had to hold back the laughter after this offer.

When Womack went down with injury I was like okay, Walker will be brought in. Wrong, he lets Perez come in, give me a break. Also we are still doing stupid things on the basepaths. Like what was Bynum doing trying to steal third with Aramis up to bat?

At least we only have about three months left, then we can start to hope that 2007 is much better than 2006.

I might get a chance to post after Game 3, but we will see. Hell, who even cares anymore.