Friday, June 23, 2006

Off to Minnesota

"I made Minnesota my home tonight. It is not not the like the picture in my mind"
This is the first line of the song Minnesota. Do you know the band? First one to answer in the comments section correctly will get their name in lights, well at least in bold.

Well, I am actually leaving for Minnesota for in about three hours to catch the weekend series. You might ask yourself why this series? Who would watch this team?
My brother and I made the trip back in April, when things look better. Still I support the team, even I don't agree with them.

This also my marks my first game in two years after taking the job I have now. It is funny that I became a sports writer and no longer see the teams I care about.

This is also ball park No. 17 on my quest to attend a game in every major league park. It is the first new park since Game Four of the 2003 NLCS in Florida.

I count the organization and not the stadium. If I didn't I might never complete the whole thing. Gmaes with (*) are games i saw the Cubs play against the team. The names are actually the ones when I attended, because I can't keep up with all the changes. Here is the rundown:

1. Wrigley Field - Cubs *
2. Fulton County, Ted Turner - Braves *
3. Old Busch - Cardinals *
4. Bank One - Diamondbacks *
5. Three Rivers - Pirates
6. Veterans Stadium - Phillies
7. Comisky Field - White Sox
8. Safeco Field - Mariners *
9. Skydome - Blue Jays *
10. Camden Yards - Orioles
11. Yankee Stadium - Yankees
12. Shea Stadium - Mets
13. Fenway Park - Red Sox
14. Minute Maid - Astros *
15. Ballpark in Arlington - Rangers
16. Pro Player - Marlins *

Only 14 more to see, well 13 after tonight. Johan Santana is on the mound tonight and he is really the highlight of the whole trip. The Cubs are coming off a series where they beat another team that looks like it gave up. Maybe for a weekend they will play well and this trip won't hurt so much.

I will try and post on the trip with thoughts of the Metrodome. This is actually the first baseball game I have seen in a true dome. I have been to Arizona, Houston and Seattle, but they both can be outdoor parks. So, I am not sure what to think.

"I feel alright, it is a Minnesota night."

Go Cubs