Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Poem of Rusch

While I wait for the U.S. to take on Italy today, I thought I might try something new. While this isn't quite A Sad Lexicon it is meant to showcase my terrible poetry. I am sorry you are reading this.

Rusch to Judgment

When things are going bad
You don't have to be so sad
Even when you are in a Rusch
Even when your fastball is mush

Just remember a few things
Even the Royals will sing
When he takes the mound
All the people hear the sound

The people boo and hiss
Even when hitters miss
Rusch comes and goes
But everything he throws goes

0-2, 2-0 it doesn't matter
It is all the same to the batter
Rusch can work with lead
But trust me it will leave

There are 5 million reasons
To end this season
When will the madness end
Hopefully with a win

Till that days comes to pass
All we can do is look to the past
How do we start this thing over
A guy named Rusch must move over

98 years have come and go
Maybe we need a summer snow
A world series win
That would be a fitting end